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   Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Pearl Jasra

Pearl Jasra is the mother of 104 children (the number keeps increasing!) and she is only 23 year-old. That could sound surprising but not for this young girl. At the tender age of 12, when Pearl lost her both parents, one would have expected the little girl to be shattered, lonely for life. But she rose again and instead of indulging in self-pity, she took on life, head-on. Today her house bustles with the laughter and shrieks of these children who are not her own but still she is "theirs".

Pearl persuades, coaxes and welcomes underprivileged children to her house, where she teaches them about numbers, alphabets and poetry. Together, they celebrate festivals, each other's birthdays and even life.

After her parents' death, Pearl decided that she would help such children study and make their lives worth living. As a result in 2004, with the help of her uncle, Pearl started an organisation called Initiative for Viable Education (IVE).

Pearl celebrating birthday of one of 'her children'

Her poor children comprise of orphans, child labourers, single parent siblings, autistics and mentally challenged. Most of them are malnourished, so eminent local doctors help her with free medical check-up and medicines for the children. Pearl raises funds to admit/readmit them in nearby private schools and for their stationary. Kind hearted souls help with winter/summer clothing for the children. She keeps looking for families, comprising widows and other underprivileged, who would like to send their children to schools.

Young children taking rest after a tiring game at their 'Didi's home'

Everyday "her children", as she fondly calls them, converge at her house in holy city of Amritsar in Punjab where she carefully monitors their homework adding special emphasis on improving their communication skills.

This young girl is all smiles seeing her birthday cake

Managing her time between her studies, professional work and responsibility of educating and managing 100 plus children, Pearl says, "I feel that there is so much to be done to bridge inequalities in this world and I have just one life".

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Salute you!

I salute you, ma'm! I am not yet doing something, only say God bless! All the best!

Posted By: sukhwinder singh sethi
Dated: Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Want to join your efforts..

Hello pearl! Myself vineet. I am from Jaipur, Rajasthan. I read about your efforts in yesterday's news paper. I am a student of computer science but I want to make little contribution in your organization relating to children's study. So please let me allow to join your organization. Wish you and your 104 children's a happy new year!

Posted By: Vineet
Dated: Monday, January 02, 2012

little bit support

Dear Pearl, please let me know how can I help you.

Posted By: amrit
Dated: Saturday, June 25, 2011


How can we donate some funds, we live in North Vancouver, BC, Canada Email- psall@telus.net Paul and Surjit Sall

Posted By: Surjit Sall
Dated: Friday, June 24, 2011

Hi Pearl!

I saw you today on tv (etc punjabi). I can not do what you are doing ,but i want to help . I don't live in India, so please let me know, how can i help. I WILL LOVE TO MEET YOU SOME DAY. GOD BLESS YOU.

Posted By: vimmi
Dated: Thursday, June 23, 2011

want to join

Hello Pearl Jasra, I am Jasleen Kaur and am living in Amritsar. As you are serving the humanity so I want to join ur organisation. Please let me know what's the procedure to join it.

Posted By: Jasleen Kaur
Dated: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ram's blessings

You must go on, never see back, I will always be there.

Posted By: shreeram (RAM)
Dated: Monday, December 13, 2010

I want to work with you

Hi Pearl You are really a pearl like your name. It is a wonderful job which you are doing. Many people do not have guts to do that. Really I am very much impressed by you and I want to help you. I have a dream to build orphan home one day in India but as of today it is still dream but till then I want to help your work. I am from Surat (Gujarat) and I live in US and I want to donate like books, uniforms or anything that you need for your social work as well as can raise money for your organization. Please provide me contact information.

Posted By: Sam Patel
Dated: Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Contact Info for Pearl

Hi Pearl, Our charity Sikh Aid International is currently in Amritsar until Oct 15 2010; we are finding it very difficult to locate you so that we can contribute to your cause. We are residing at the Nishkam International Center (NIC) near the Golden Temple Jora Ghar. Here is my email: isbhogal@yahoo.com. Best wishes, inderjit Singh Bhogal

Posted By: Inderjit Singh Bhogal
Dated: Monday, October 11, 2010

for any help

I can initially offer to sponsor school fee of children upto 500/month for max of six children. Plz let me kno ur acc.no. so that I can start at the earliest and I promise to do it regularly.

Posted By: arpnagill
Dated: Friday, June 18, 2010


Pearl you are positivity a lesson for all mankind. No wonder your parents named you Pearl. We people just think and you are doing it so selflessly. My heart and soul bow before u. If I can be of any use pls let me know. I'll like to be of some use if you think I'm worth it. God bless u always and your many kids!

Posted By: arpna gill
Dated: Friday, June 18, 2010



Dated: Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am student of Vijay Jasra

Hi pearl, Really nice to see you here. Last Time, I saw you in Miranda Modern School, Amritsar. I did my Pre-Nursery to 4th Class in Miranda Modern under the guidance of Vijay Jasra Maam....Good Work Pearl. Keep Smiling. My Wishes are with u.

Posted By: Deepak
Dated: Sunday, May 09, 2010

Very Well done!

Hi Pearl You are really a pearl like your name. It is a wonderful job which you are doing. Many people do not have guts to do that. Really I am very much impressed by you. Well Done Dheeraj Nim

Posted By: Dheeraj Nim
Dated: Tuesday, February 23, 2010

all the best !

Hey Pearl! what to say for u ! I am not having words to express my self ! All the best for what you wish to get !

Posted By: Anonymous
Dated: Monday, January 04, 2010

God bless u!

You are doing great Pearl, these are things people think and u did it. Hope your effort will bring the best for what you are doing, God bless you! Hope your work will give me the courage to come out n work the way u r doin ........ Thanks for doing the good work. GOD BLESS U.

Posted By: Anonymous
Dated: Saturday, January 02, 2010

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Corruption Watch

The bad news is that corruption has not only sustained but has grown in size and stature in the country. With scams being a regular feature, seventy per cent respondents in a survey have rightfully opined that corruption has continued to increase in India. One in every two interviewed admit having paid a bribe for availing public services during last one year. Transparency International's latest survey reveals that the political parties top the chart for the most corrupt public institutions, followed by police force and legislatures. No wonder, India continues to make new records on the global corruption arena!

The shocking revelation is that the health and education sectors haven't remained untouched by this phenomenon. With 5th and 6th positions respectively for these sectors on the public perception chart on corruption, corruption has crept insidiously into these sectors of hope for the masses. With bureaucracy being fourth in the list of corrupt institutions in the country, corruption seems to have been non-formally institutionalized with little hope if public services would ever be effective in the country. With economic growth having literally institutionalized corruption, are we now expecting corrupt to be socially responsible - a different CSR.

Poor. Who?

Not giving 'aid' to India is one thing but calling it 'rich' is quite another. If one in three of the world's malnourished children live in India, what does average daily income of $3 indicate? It perhaps means that there is a relative decline in poverty - people are 'less poor' than what they used to be in the past. But having crossed the World Bank arbitrary threshold of $2 a day does not absolve the 'developed' countries of their obligation to part with 0.7 per cent of their Gross National Income in development aid. Should this three-decade old figure not be revised?  

An interesting debate in UK's House of Commons delved on future of development assistance by the British Government. While prioritizing limited resources has been a concern, there has been no denying the fact that development aid must be guided towards tangible gains over a short period of time to start with. There are difficult choices for elected governments to make - should they invest in long-term primary education or in short-term university scholarships? Which of these will bring gains and trigger long-term transformation in the society. As politicians continue to be divided on the matter, poverty persists!!   

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